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Family protection

Focused kids looking at laptop computer  Is your family protected from the dangers of the web? There are many dangers on the web that you need to protect your family from. If you do not take the right precautions then chances are high something will eventually happen.


Let me help protect your young viewers from the following:

  • Pornography   Average age of first exposure to porn is under 11 years old
  • pedophiles    1 out of 5 kids age 10-17 is approached by sexual predators online.
  • Identity theft   Children are now the fastest growing identity theft victims.
  • cyber bullies    1 out of 10 parents have had a child bullied
  • social network    95% of teens have witnessed cyber-bulling
  • Internet addictions
  • And the list goes on

Taking the right steps now will help to protect your family.